Most Popular Genres of Music

There are countless genres of music. Let’s take a look at the most popular and listened to…

Pop Music

As the title itself suggests, pop music is the most popular and listened to the music genre of all time. This genre has expanded and changed significantly over time and is now rather hard to define. In this day and age, it has evolved to include many different genres all merged into one category. For example, originally pop music started off as more of an electronic genre now it’s predominately hip-hop and rap. With many other genres too!


Jazz music was born in America and was born ins New Orleans, Louisiana in the late 19th century. And I think we can all agree that it’s become one of the most popular genres of music. This music genre was mainly listened to and played within African-American communities. Jazz music is seen as representing cultural diversity, individualism and authenticness.


Rock music, also referred to as ”Rock N Roll” was created in 1955 by the talented Chuck Berry. And it was practically an overnight success! This genre has produced some of the biggest music names in the industry. With the likes of Elvis Pressley (1935 – 1977), David Bowie (1947 – 2016) and Paul McCartney (1942). The genre has grown to become extremely diverse with a whole range of themes. Usually, they are social or political.

Classical Music

This genre has its roots deeply in Western culture and became in Europe as early as the 5th Century CE. Instruments that you will typically hear in classical music include flutes, violins, violoncellos, clarinets, trumpets, bassoons, horns and timpanis. There are many extremely well-known classical songs that have become famous worldwide. Such as, ”Mozart” – Eine kleine Nachtmusik, ”Beethoven” – Für Elise, ”Puccini – ‘O mio babbino caro”’ from Gianni Schicchi, Vivaldi – The Four Seasons and many more.

Hip Hop Music

Hip Hop (also called rap music) originated in New York, United States in the early 1970s. It began at block parties because DJ would talk throughout the breaks in between each song. They needed to keep the crowd entertained so would sometimes rhyme whilst they’re talking over some instrumental music. Eventually, MC’s were introduced with the job of introducing the next music artist and talk/rhyme in the breaks. Eventually, they would do it in sync with the music and the hip hop/ rap culture kickstarted.


The genre of reggae came about in the late 1960s and originated from Jamacia. It’s very linked to It didn’t take long for it to become an extremely popular genre of music and spread worldwide. Instruments usually included in reggae are drums, bass guitars and electric guitars. It’s known for lifting peoples spirits with its upbeat drums which create a cheerful atmosphere. It brings chaos and calms into one. So you’ll feel relaxed too. If you haven’t heard the music of some of the most famous reggae artists of all time, you must have been living under a rock. These include big names such as Bob Marley (1945 – 1981), Jimmy Cliff (1944), Peter Tosh (1944 – 1987), Dennis Brown (1957 – 1999) and so many more!