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Team Rowling Goes to Midwinter

Team Rowling Girls
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Full Midwinter report to come later, but here you have our giddiest moment: attending the Youth Media Awards Press Conference, decked out in our "Team Rowling" shirts, which Carlie, genius that she is, had made for us so we could show our support for HP7, which we thought might take home a Printz Honor. Alas, it was not to be.

In case you're worried about why otherwise mild-mannered librarians are throwing a gang sign, be not alarmed: that's the Nerdfighter Salute.

You can juuuust about see the awesome "We Heart Our Dead Gay Headmaster Button" festooning my conference badge. Another Carlie brainchild, these Heathers-Dumbledore mashup buttons were so popular that we are thinking of selling more of them (via CafePress or similar) & donating the profits to a gay rights organization. Would you buy one? If so, please comment!

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