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CJRLC Tech Challenge

The Central Jersey Regional Library Cooperative has issued the CJRLC Tech Challenge for "anyone who works in a CJRLC member library". Full details are here.

The short version of the challenge:

1. Start a blog relating to your library interests; post once a month, including photos!

2. Start a Flickr photo account.

3. Subscribe to an aggregator like bloglines and set up RSS feeds from blogs or websites.

4. Read about Web 2.0 and Library 2.0; post some comments on your blog.

5. Learn to use at least one of the following: LibraryThing, Google Maps; De.licio.us; or Squidoo.

6. Teach someone else how to use one of the technologies described above!

The deadline is May 24, 2007. How to enter, etc. is also all at the CJRLC website. To support its members, the CJRLC is offering training.*

Even if you aren't a member library of the CJRLC -- take the challenge!

*Full disclaimer: I work for a CJRLC member library, and I do workshops for the CJRLC.

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