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Hi Everybody! (shouted like Dr. Nick)

My name is John Klima, and I've been invited to join the Pop Goes the Library blog by Sophie. Before I get into mad posting, I thought I would quickly introduce myself (you may find that I don't do any 'quick' posting; I'm trying to cut back on the wordage, I'm just verbose). I currently work as the Young Adult Librarian and Systems Administrator for the Franklin Township Public Library in Somerset, NJ. (I'm also part of the reference staff and the webmaster) I'm pretty new to librarianship--I never worked at a library until I was in my Master's program, and I just completed the program this last year--so I'm filled with ideas of things that libraries could and should be doing (i.e., better marketing).

At some point in my recent past, I worked for science fiction publishers like Tor Books and Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. I've had the opportunity to meet and work with virtually every science fiction and fantasy author that I liked. Once I left publishing to become a computer programmer (librarianship was my next, and hopefully last, career stop) I found that missed it, so I started my own magazine Electric Velocipede. I've been publishing it for a little more than five years and ten issues (#11 coming out next month). To tie this into the library world, I'll be making an 8-page zine out of one sheet of paper later this week with my teens as part of Teen Read Week.

I'll be the Pop Goes the Library science fiction and publishing expert. I'll post about science fiction stuff (like the World Fantasy convention I'm going to in a few weeks) as well as describing the process of creating a zine (and why you'd want to do one in your library). I may even get into why science fiction people hate 'sci fi' and why it doesn't bother me.

OK, confession time, I don't watch a lot of sci-fi television. I've caught a few episodes of BSG (see previous post) and am dying to see more. On the whole, I don't watch it. I always get asked for my opinion on sci-fi tv since I've got the background with science fiction publishing. I have BSG, Dr. Who, Firefly, and Heroes (I consider superheroes science fiction) on my 'must-see' list, but it's tough to catch up. I suppose now I'll have to, right?

JK (John Klima)


  • At 3:40 PM, Blogger Janie L. Hermann said…

    Ah, so this is your big news John! I was wondering which blog you would turn up on, but never guessed PGTL, but I now see that you are a perfect addition to the team.

  • At 3:06 PM, Blogger Dave said…

    Woot! Hi John! Sophie mentioned that you joined Pop Goes the Library and I can't think of a better sci-fi consultant. Best of luck to you!

    Oh and, yes, Heroes does indeed rock! :)

    David Lisa
    West Long Branch Public Library

  • At 4:06 PM, Blogger Liz B said…

    Howdy, John!

  • At 8:49 AM, Blogger The Editor said…

    Thanks everone! I'm excited to be here. :)



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