First, there was a blog. Then, there was a book. Now, there’s a blog about the book, hosted at the same domain as the original blog. Confused? Don’t sweat it.

Pop Goes the Library: Using Pop Culture to Connect With Your Whole Community grew out of Sophie Brookover and Elizabeth Burns’ desire to knit together their two biggest professional interests: pop culture and great library services for the 21st Century. The book, published in August 2008 by Information Today, is practical yet aspirational guide to building, advocating for, and continuously improving pop culture-based collections, programs, and services in libraries.

This blog, and its accompanying wiki, are designed to complement the content of the book, by keeping the online resources it refers to current, and replacing them when they turn (as some of them inevitably will) into dead links.

Got questions? Want to book Sophie and/or Liz to speak at your event? Drop us a line: popgoesthebook [at] gmail [dot] com.