Pop! Go the Reviews

A taste of what the reviewers are saying about Pop Goes the Library: Using Pop Culture to Connect With Your Whole Community:

Ruth Kneale, in Marketing Library Services:

This book is so chock-full of great ideas, it even got me thinking about programs for the public—and I am a die-hard systems librarian, happier in the guts of the computer room than I am talking with users. If this book gets someone like me thinking about displays, events, and programs tied into popular culture, what can it do for you?

Prudence Jones, in Baker & Taylor’s CATS Meow Newsletter:

An essential read for all those involved in children and teen services.

Rachel Davis, in Library Journal:

This entertaining book by the creators of the “Pop Goes the Library” blog is a breath of fresh air for those progressive librarians wanting to secure their library’s future by making patron interests the focus of library services. [...] In all, this is an exciting and essential book for those librarians ready to take up the challenge of keeping their libraries relevant to the communities they serve.

Brett Bonfield, of In the Library With the Lead Pipe:

Reaching a general audience is a tall order. Few fields have a Stephen Jay Gould, Paul Krugman, or Atul Gawande, serious practitioners who document the major issues of their field in popular essays that are collected in bestselling books. In Pop Goes the Library, we have an encouraging sign that librarianship might someday produce its own bestselling scholar.

Brad Ward, of NEFLIN’s Blah Blah Blah Blog:

I finally finished up “Pop Goes the Library” by Sophie Brookover and Elizabeth Burns. Really, really good stuff. I would be glad to loan this to any member if you are interested. The authors were nice enough to also put up a wiki that provides links to the resources listed in their book.