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Book Availability: Suggestions & A Warning

Looks like there’s one measly used copy (for a whopping $94.80!) of the original paperback edition of Pop! available at Amazon right now, and now it seems you can pre-order a copy in library binding, as well.

Please DO NOT purchase one of these library bound copies of Pop Goes the Library: Using Pop Culture to Connect With Your Whole Community — they are pirated!

Legitimate copies still available through B&N, all the major library wholesalers, and of course, always through our wonderful publisher, Information Today (where it is still on sale for $23.70!). For those of you headed to Denver this week for ALA’s Midwinter Meeting, our awesome Marketing Manager, Rob Colding, will be staffing Info Today’s booth, where copies of the book will be available.

Liz & I won’t be available for a signing at this conference, owing to prior commitments such as serving on the Printz Award Committee (Liz) and having to be at work (Sophie), but we will both be attending ALA Annual in Chicago, and we are ironing out a date & time for a signing.


Two New Reviews!

You like us, you really like us! Thank you so much. We’ve created a handy one-stop shop for reviews, right here: Pop! Go The Reviews.

Ruth Kneale, in Marketing Library Services (subscription only):

This book is so chock-full of great ideas, it even got me thinking about programs for the public—and I am a die-hard systems librarian, happier in the guts of the computer room than I am talking with users. If this book gets someone like me thinking about displays, events, and programs tied into popular culture, what can it do for you?

Prudence Jones, in Baker & Taylor’s January 2009 CATS Meow Newsletter:

An essential read for all those involved in children and teen services.