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Our First Review!

The first online review of Pop Goes the Library: the book comes from the brand new blog, In the Library with a Lead Pipe.

It’s the type of review that makes an author’s heart sing. The reviewer “gets it.” Plus, there are great suggestions for the second edition. (I know! Talk about a reviewer thinking ahead!)

I, of course, want to post the entire thing. But instead I’ll include this:

Sophie Brookover and Elizabeth Burns’s Pop Goes the Library is part textbook and part manifesto.

And a paragraph that captures the meat of the book:

There is a message, and that message is important, but Brookover and Burns have decided not to dress that message up in theory or historical context. Instead, they focus on combining practical advice with serious fun: Melanie Griffith’s character in Working Girl provides an example of applied research; Angelina Jolie’s transformation from wild child into latter day Mia Farrow illustrates good public relations; and Johnny Cash, David Bowie, martinis, and iPods are listed as celebrities and trends that are Cool (Kenny Chesney, KC & the Sunshine Band, cosmopolitans, and Zunes are Not Cool).

And a paragraph that captures the heart of the book (along with some nice things about our writing style):

If you’re not interested in pop culture, it may be tempting to dismiss the importance of this book’s message or to overlook its ambitiousness. That would be a mistake: Brookover and Burns cover most of the important lessons on librarianship that can be taught in a book: creating a niche; building a collection; using technology; and developing crowd-pleasing programming, among others. As an added bonus, their writing style is as much fun to read as Michael Buckland, S.R. Ranganathan, Jesse Shera, or Elaine Svenonius. (Speaking of pop culture: does anyone know if Elaine is related to Ian?)

Read the full review here.


Copies On the Way!

While both Sophie and I live in New Jersey, we don’t live close to each other.

If we did, it would be dangerous, as I’m sure things like Printz reading, work, and cleaning would never get done.

We planned to get together late September to sign copies of our books, inscribe messages, and send them out to people.

What happened instead was I woke up to discover this

Aswering the question, “If a tree limb falls in a storm and crashes into three cars right outside Liz’s bedroom window, will she wake up?”

In case you haven’t guessed, the correct answer is, “No, especially if she has taken Tylenol PM.”

Which means that it wasn’t until yesterday that our schedules were such that we could get together in person for the signing and mailing.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in a review copy, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

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WorldCat Pops

I’m discovering all the things that new authors do, as their book goes out into the universe. And they wait….

Today’s fun thing:

WorldCat. As most of already know, WorldCat is “the world’s largest network of library content and services. WorldCat libraries are dedicated to providing access to their resources on the Web, where most people start their search for information.” It’s provided by OCLC. 

For authors, it’s the way to find out which libraries own your books with one easy search. I was pleased as punch to discover that over 40 libraries have added Pop:The Book to their collections!


What Angelina Jolie Can Teach You About Libraries

Yes, you read that right. Check our index and you’ll see “Jolie, Angelina 62-63″.

Curious about what Angelina has to do with libraries?

How about fandom (163-165), Working Girl (100-101), or Rachael Ray (12, 214)?

Only one way to find out…


Blurb Awesomeness, Part 2

Aaand, here’s what the lovely Robin Brenner had to say about our book:

Crammed full of definitions, encouragement, program plans, and advice from the field, this title is an invaluable guide to pop library service for pop culture mavens and newbies alike. — Robin Brenner, No Flying, No Tights

Stop, you’re making us blush!


Become a Fan of PGTL: The Book on Facebook!

I created a Facebook Page for the book so all you Facebook folks can become a fan of the book. There’s space for you to upload photos & videos, to discuss the book, and generally hang out with other Pop Goes the Library enthusiasts. I published the page on Monday morning, and by the end of the day we had over 40 fans. Huzzah!



Wow, everyone is reading Pop Goes the Library.

Even across age groups!

Even big sis!


Let’s check out which chapter she finds so interesting.

Hey, wait a minute!

We’ve set up a Group & photo Pool in Flickr, because we want to see you reading, using, and otherwise interacting with the book. We’re using the tags “Pop Goes the Library” and “Pop Book.”

Please share your photo reading Pop the Book at Flickr!


Blurb Awesomeness, Part 1

If you’ve seen ITI’s recent catalog, you’ve already read this blush-inducing blurb, but it’s so great, we can’t resist sharing it here:

From knowing your community to building programs and collections to trendspotting, you’ll find everything you need to know about libraries and popular culture in this entertaining read.”
– Linda W. Braun, 2008 President-Elect, YALSA

Thank you, Linda!


Welcome to Pop Goes the Library: The Book!

Well, this is all very real, isn’t it? Pop Goes the Library: Using Pop Culture to Connect With Your Whole Community will be published on August 11, and we couldn’t be happier or more excited. This blog and accompanying wiki will be your online companion to the book, allowing us to keep the book’s central messages, tips, and ideas relevant by keeping all of our links up to date.

Here at the blog, we’ll post previews of portions of the book, links to reviews, online sources for the book, information about upcoming book-related events, and so on. We’ll also post here whenever we publish major revisions to the wiki.

The wiki is where we’ll keep the book’s many (many) links fresh & updated.

We love feedback, suggestions, tips, and, well, people just saying “hi.” So please, comment away here at the blog or send us an email at popgoesthebook at

Thanks so much for reading!

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