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Sale! Sale! Sale!

Wow. Our publisher, Information Today, has announced a 40% discount on many of their titles, including ours. If you’ve been hankering after your very own copy of Pop Goes the Library, but are trying to save money in these difficult times, now’s your chance! If you purchase directly from Info Today’s store, you’ll pay just $23.70 (list prices $39.50). Pretty sweet, eh? Happy Holidays, everyone!


Become a Fan of PGTL: The Book on Facebook!

I created a Facebook Page for the book so all you Facebook folks can become a fan of the book. There’s space for you to upload photos & videos, to discuss the book, and generally hang out with other Pop Goes the Library enthusiasts. I published the page on Monday morning, and by the end of the day we had over 40 fans. Huzzah!


The Journey: Liz

It started with Sophie’s blog, Pop Goes the Library.

Next came the book proposal.

Then there was the writing. I’m old school; my original drafts all had to be handwritten. It’s how I think best.

And then transcribed into the computer, saved, and shared with Sophie.

And then revisions flew back and forth, and true to form, I needed to print out to revise. Using red ink, of course.

And finally, after we had both written and rewritten and revised each chapter, off it went to the publisher, looking like this. (Plus, also, an electronic format.)

And then, somehow, it became a real live book….which we will unveil as soon as we have a copy in our hands!


Welcome to Pop Goes the Library: The Book!

Well, this is all very real, isn’t it? Pop Goes the Library: Using Pop Culture to Connect With Your Whole Community will be published on August 11, and we couldn’t be happier or more excited. This blog and accompanying wiki will be your online companion to the book, allowing us to keep the book’s central messages, tips, and ideas relevant by keeping all of our links up to date.

Here at the blog, we’ll post previews of portions of the book, links to reviews, online sources for the book, information about upcoming book-related events, and so on. We’ll also post here whenever we publish major revisions to the wiki.

The wiki is where we’ll keep the book’s many (many) links fresh & updated.

We love feedback, suggestions, tips, and, well, people just saying “hi.” So please, comment away here at the blog or send us an email at popgoesthebook at

Thanks so much for reading!

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