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Friday Fun: If You Have Twelve Seconds To Spare

I just got back from the EXCELLENT Internet Librarian 2008 Conference, sponsored by Information Today...and yes, I did indeed **squee!** aloud to see Pop Goes the Library, The Book, on the cover of the catalog tucked into my nifty tote.

My brain is filled right up to the top, and I hope to have much more to share with Pop, The Blog, over the next few weeks concerning the conference and the amazing people there, but for Friday Fun, here's a quick little snippet.

Connie Crosby gave a great talk on Instant Audio and Video in which she discussed all sorts of very cool, cheap-to-free sites that allow online production and distribution of, yes, audio and video. One of my favs? 12Seconds.tv, which might be described as "Twitter with video." Each post is only, you guessed it, 12 seconds long. I searched the word "library" and came up with 89 returns, including a series called Biography of the Day, Cupcake Library TV (!!!), and, of course, a very nicely done SHHH! It's in "public alpha," so go request an invite! I just did!

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MTV VMA 2007 Nominees Announced

Ever the media-buying librarian's friend, MTV has announced the nominees for this year's Video Music Awards, more popularly known as the VMAs.

I love the names of some of these categories: Most Earth-Shattering Collaboration; Quadruple Threat of the Year; Monster Single of the Year. Best of all, though, are the full-length videos nestled right next to the nominees' names and annotations. I may have to watch the "Girlfriend" video 500 more times, and catch my first-ever glimpse of Rihanna's "Umbrella" (ella, ella, ella).

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Pop Culture On The Spectrum

Television, the internet, video and blogs are big parts of today’s pop culture. However, when Sophie B. created Pop Goes the Library she put on the masthead the subtitle, “Using Pop Culture to Make Libraries Better.” This got me thinking about the ways pop culture can not only make libraries better, but also life better. Today I got an answer. While I was watching television and aimlessly channel surfing I came upon “The View” on ABC featuring popular singer Toni Braxton describing her experiences as the mother of a 3-1/2 year old son with autism. The show also interviewed medical experts on autism and families and individuals living with autism. The statistics are mind-boggling. Today 1 out of every 166 children in the United States is born with autism. After the show, I logged onto a terrific blog called “On the Spectrum” which is a clearinghouse of information on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) run by Chris, a brilliant librarian who is also the mother of a child “on the spectrum.” Chris’s most recent post, "Learning Social Skills by Watching" discusses how research at Indiana University shows that using video may help children and teens with autism. Therefore, I nominate Chris as today’s Pop Princess. Eat your hearts out Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus!

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Tomorrow morning, when someone comes into the library asking about 24, you can show them that you have the previous seasons on DVD.

And as you start chatting about the Jack, you can show them Jack Bauer's Kill Count. With video.

I'll leave my favorite kill in the comments, because it happened tonight.

Thanks to TV Squad for the link.

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