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Blatant Self Promotion: Mortified: Love is a Battlefield

While we wait to hear all about Midwinter, which I did not attend this year, I'd like to take a moment to blatantly promote the new Mortified book, Mortified: Love is a Battlefield, featuring actual childhood and adolescent diary entries, letters, and poems [oh the poems!], all on the subject of, yes, love. As the Amazon description says, "the now older (and allegedly wiser) authors of these letters, lyrics, and journals bravely share their shame in stories that range from sweetly hopeful to borderline psychotic." Yes, we do; I am one of the authors! I know my twelve-year-old self would be absolutely baffled and, naturally, mortified to know that her little ice-skating/ motorcycling/ smooching fantasy featuring an older man of fourteen would be published for the whole world to see, but I am pretty excited.

There will be book release parties in several cities; I'll be reading at the Boston one on February 6th at the Paradise Lounge. Please come on out if you're in the area!

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Thank You, School Library Journal!

And welcome, SLJ readers!

So, there's this really nice article about PGTL: The Book on School Library Journal's website today. Needless to say, Liz & I are beside ourselves with delight. In the immortal words of our patron saint, Flavor Flav, "yeeeeah, boyyy!"

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Pop Goes The Book (AKA, Take This Survey, Please!)

So, Liz and I have been sitting on some fairly big news for a while now: we're writing a book. It's called Pop Goes the Library: Using Pop Culture to Connect With Your Whole Community, and the good folks at ITI are going to publish it, sometime in 2008.

So while we feverishly research, write, and revise the manuscript, we have a request of all of you, dear Readers & Friends of Pop: we have this survey, you see, and it would help us out tremendously if you'd be willing to answer our questions. It's one thing for us to write about what we think makes a great marriage between pop culture & libraries; it's quite another, more powerful thing to quote our experienced colleagues on this topic.

So, if you're willing, our survey is right here.

We apologize in advance if you see e-mail survey-related e-mails on various list-servs. We're trying to gather as many responses as the library community is willing to provide.

Thank you so much for taking the time to participate. We know our book will be that much better for your contributions!

Cross-posted by Liz at Tea Cozy.

ETA: Despite our early testing of the survey, there were some problems. They are now fixed, or should be -- if you have problems, leave a note in the comments or e-mail sophie DOT brookover AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!

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