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Welcome, NPR Listeners

Well, as if this week wasn't awesome enough, what with the book coming out & all, NPR gave us a shout-out on Weekend Edition Saturday. Hearing Andrea Seabrook, who I love, utter the name of this blog, has made my year. I may have shrieked and scared my poor husband, who came charging downstairs, worried that something had befallen me or our our daughter. I may have immediately IMed approximately 12 of my friends & colleagues with the link. I may have called my parents and insisted they go to NPR.org right now to listen!

If you're new to Pop, welcome welcome welcome! If you're particularly (or even only) interested in the cake pan story, here it is. Enjoy! (N.B., the collection I blogged about originally is in Ravenna, OH, not in Illinois, as mentioned in the story.)

Many thanks to Emily H., who told me about the cake pans she borrows from Reed Memorial, and NPR Librarian Kee Malesky, if it's you whom we have to thank for getting Pop a shout-out on N!P!R!, please accept this offer of a complimentary signed copy of Liz's & my book, and let me take you out for the drink(s) of your choice the next time ALA Annual is in DC.

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Holy Logorrhea, Batman!

I was listening to NPR on my way to work this afternoon and heard a "Such-and-Such supports NPR" PSA, and the Such-and-Such defined itself as "Publishers of Logorrhea: Good Words Make Good Stories, edited by John Klima." Our John Klima! Plugged! On NPR! Holy cow!

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