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Happy Birthday, Buffy!

Okay, this tidbit, more than anything else I've heard or seen recently, makes me feel a teensy bit old: Buffy The Vampire Slayer (TV iteration) is 10 years old today. TEN. Thanks to PopWatch for pointing it out, and big, big thanks to this excellent article in Flak for laying out Buffy's legacy so well. Buffy is a major cultural touchstone for so many of us in teen librarianship, and not just because of geeky hunk Giles. For me, it's that Buffy was deeply invested in strong girls coming of age, and as a strong girl who was coming of age while it was on the air, I was deeply invested in it. Even though the show had run its course by the time it went off the air, I was really sad to see it go, and it's a great comfort to me to see how many production & writing alumni of Buffy have graduated to many of my current favorite shows: Battlestar Galactica, 24, The O.C. (of blessed memory), Gilmore Girls and Grey's Anatomy. Share your favorite Buffyverse moments, quotes, and reminiscences in the comments!

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