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Five Things You May Not Know About Sophie

Thanks to Nancy Dowd for tagging me! I secretly (well, not-so-secretly, now) love memes.

  1. I speak Chinese. Very poorly, now, alas, as I haven't bothered to practice in years, but thanks to four years of Mandarin in college, I can generally follow along without too much need for subtitles when I watch Chinese movies.
  2. I was active in Girl Scouts until high school. I now think those positive experiences helped pave the way for me to attend a really fantastic women's college.
  3. You might know this if you follow my Flickr account, but I'll throw it out for the average reader, anyway: I am a serious baker. I collect books about baking, and, next to knitting and reading, it's my favorite hobby.
  4. Because I am ragingly anglophilic, have a really good memory, and apparently had lots of free time during my teen years, I can recite entire Monty Python sketches (my two favorites: Mrs. Essence and Mrs. Conclusion Visit Jean-Paul Sartre, and The All-England Summarize Proust Competition) and full scenes of Blackadder (particularly the Elizabethan Second Series, which is my favorite) from memory.
  5. For all my YA fantasy-loving ways, my favorite book of all time, the one I re-read nearly every year, is Persuasion, by Jane Austen.

I'm tagging the following four people: John Blyberg, Amanda Etches-Johnson, Rochelle Hartman, and Adrienne Furness. Tag, you're it!

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