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Wine and the Library

Even if you're not much of a drinker, you've probably heard the name Gallo, as in Ernest and Julio Gallo, founders of the largest winemaking company in the world. Ernest Gallo, passed away at the age of 97 earlier this week.

SO why mention this here? Well, this quote is the kicker:
Using $5,900 they borrowed and a recipe from the Modesto Public Library, Ernest and Julio rented a ramshackle building, and everybody in the family pitched in to make ordinary wine for 50 cents a gallon -- half the going price. The Gallos made $30,000 the first year.
These two brothers knew nothing about making wine, but used resources available at their local library to start what would become the largest winery in the country. If not for the library, where would these gentlemen have gotten their inspiration?

What will your patrons find this week at your library? Do you have any potential Gallos among your patrons?

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