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Friday Fun: Happy birthday, Melissa!

Today, our very own British TV maven and dear friend Melissa is celebrating a birthday, so I think we should all gift her with our current favorite pop culture links.

Mine is Musicovery. Some days I feel like listening to Metallica. Other times, I'm more in a Tori Amos mood, or sometimes I just want to shake it like a Polaroid picture. Musicovery will let me tell it on a matrix whether I want music that is more energetic, positive, dark, or calm, and at the same time I can tell it what genres of music I like so it knows not to give me Keith Urban when I really prefer Boys Like Girls.

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Happy Birthday, John Green

In which I am featured, ever so briefly, in the second of John Green's birthday videos. I'm the one in the turquoise t-shirt eating blenderized chocolate bread pudding. I got so, so sick after eating it, but it was well worth it.

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