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Librarians on The Colbert Report

As comedian/pundit Stephen Colbert knows, the greatest enemies of America right now are the Communists. Where are the most pervasive Communists? In the library, of course! Books free for all? Internet free for all? The horror! Colbert tackles this tough issue and encourages Americans to fight Communism on last night's episode of The Colbert Report, braving the trenches of the Rutherford, NJ, Public Library to interview some of the most dedicated Communists of all: LIBRARIANS.

To see Colbert's chilling account of Communism in today's libraries, click on this link and download the video. Then go out and shop.

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Vote for your favorite YouTube/ Comic!

Nancy Dowd of the blog, The "M" Word: Marketing Libraries reminded me about the New Jersey State Library's YouTube/Comic contest.

Basically, YouTube videos and comics have been submitted.

Anyone (and not just people from NJ!) can vote.

Go here; read the comics and view the videos; and then vote. (All you have to do is go to the NJ State Library home page and click on the YouTube icon.) There are some pretty good ones, and no, I'm not going to tell you the ones I voted for!

You can see the current results after you vote; voting ends December 31.

Nancy asks, "Help us get the word out, post this on your blogs, facebook and MySpace pages; tell your customers, families and friends. The kids worked hard on their projects, it would be great if lots of people got to see their work. " If you have any questions, you can contact Nancy at ndowd @ njstatelib.org (remove the spaces, of course!).

Full disclosure: my new place of work is NJLBH, a division of the NJ State Library.

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