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Robert Jordan 1948 - 2007

Robert Jordan, author of the wildly popular Wheel of Time fantasy series, passed away this weekend at his home in South Carolina. How popular are these books? What do they mean to their readers? I think this quote sums it up nicely:
[A]n article published on Forbes.com summed it up best in describing fans' support of Jordan during his illness: "There are readers, and then there are fans. Readers offer condolences when a favorite author falls ill. Fans offer bone marrow."
The series had its eleventh book published in 2005, and Jordan was working on what was to be the twelth and final volume of the series. When I worked at Tor, one constant was that we received letters from fans insisting that we had new Robert Jordan books hidden in the office that we weren't publishing.

While we're not talking JK Rowling numbers here, there are still millions of people who read these books. And for these millions of fans, Robert Jordan will sorely be missed. In my experience, these books didn't stay in the library very much in general, and I suspect with Jordan's passing, you won't see them for months.



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