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Post this next to your television

I don't know about the rest of you, but if I didn't watch TV I'd never know what day of the week it was. I watched House last night? Then today must be Wednesday. Of course, with so many shows it's sometimes hard to remember what's on at what time on which night. Thankfully one of my favorite entertainment sites, BuzzSugar, has a handy grid with the Fall 2007 TV schedule. It's available in PDF, so think about printing it and keeping it in your quick reference folder. You never know when a patron will ask you when Numb3rs will be on.



  • At 3:42 PM, Blogger Peter Bromberg said…

    Carlie, If you haven't seen it, you and Pop readers may enjoy this NYTimes article, You Are What You Watch. It serves as a nice roundup of some of the better shows on TV including Lost, Damages, Mad Men, The Office, The Wire and more. After reading this article I put Battlestar Galactica in my Netflix queue! :-)


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