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by Sophie Brookover, Liz Burns, Melissa Rabey, Susan Quinn, John Klima, Carlie Webber, Karen Corday, and Eli Neiburger. We're librarians. We're pop culture mavens. We're Pop Culture Librarians.


Pop Cult Round-Up

Well, we're working on a Pop review of HP7. In the meantime, please entertain & edify yourselves with the following:

  • Emmy nominations: yeah, we're about a week late with these. Display & DVD selection time! Also, set your TiVos and/or plan an Emmy party for Sunday, September 16th.
  • Interesting retrospective critical analysis of the American romantic comedy, from the New Yorker's David Denby. Those libraries with film view & discuss groups, take note!
  • Rolling Stone's 40 Essential Albums of 1967. If you're looking to flesh out your Seminal Classic Rock CD collection, this is a great place to start. The entire issue is full of fascinating articles covering the many scenes during 1967 -- Memphis, London, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles all get their due.

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