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Forget the Police, Here's Crowded House

Don't get me wrong, the Police were a youthful favorite of mine, but their reunion tour does nothing for me. Crowded House, on the other hand? That's a love that has transcended time, space, and the tragic suicide of their drummer, Paul Hester. And now they're back with a new album, and a reunion tour, and I could not be happier. I can't really think of a way to tie this into libraries, besides maybe having a display of materials of bands you thought would never get back together? The Police, the Eagles, the Who, Van Halen (the true soap opera of rock -- they're going to tour! No, they won't! Diamond Dave is back! No, he's totally fired!), et al. To be totally honest, this is a post for my husband, who is a Crowded House superfan.

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