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Children's Series Binder Wiki

Oh, this rocks my socks so hard. I was catching up with What Adrienne Thinks About That ( if you're not reading her already, you really, really should, because she reviews books and movies with elan, and talks a bit about homeschooling, which I predict will be THE hot topic of youth-serving librarianship for at least the next decade), and she posted about this wonderful new upgrade to the Children's Series Binder.

You know what I mean -- those binders we all have, full of painstakingly created pages of series titles, individual titles, and multiple authors? The binders whose pages become soft with use and eventually fall out because we can't be bothered to put those little o-ring protectors on each of the holes in the margin? The ones that you have to update every year as old series go out of print and eventually are weeded through over-use, and new series come to replace them?

Recycle them, friends, because The Children's Series Binder Wiki is here to help you. Keeping up with new series can be really difficult, but the wiki, which is both browsable and searchable, makes it easy. Want to participate? E-mail creator Greg Benoit at seriesbinder@frontiernet.net

Recent example of a Serie-ous Problem: One week, I had three requests for a series called Drake & Josh. I had no idea who Drake & Josh were, because I don't have cable, but happily, we had the books, and the requesters went home delighted. Three requests in one week? For the same series? That meant an upgrade to our standing order plan (previously, we'd been ordering them title-by-title), and a move for the books from our regular J shelves to our special J series gondolas, where popular children's series books are shelved in alphabetical order by series title, not by author. This is a big deal, because previously, we shelved everything by author, which, with so many series having multiple authors, was kind of a pain in the neck for our patrons & for staff, too.

Now, thanks to the Children's Series Binder Wiki, I know not only about all the titles in the regular series, but that there's a cine-manga, too, which I'm sure we'll want to have for our legions of rabid Drake and Josh fans.

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  • At 8:52 AM, Blogger adrienne said…

    Oh, thanks! :) I even did the Drake & Josh entry myself because we've seen a similar recent increase in requests. I think the wiki format is particularly suited to the task. I can sit at any service desk and think, "Gee, what is this thing all the kids are asking for?" Then I can research it, find the books, create an entry in the wiki, and put some on order in one swoop. Even better is if I wonder what this new series is, search the series binder, and find that someone else has already put up the info. Thanks for getting involved and helping get the word out!


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