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Belated Oscar Report

So, the Oscars happened. May I make a little confession? I am as into awards as a person can possibly be, but I feel a little bit awarded-out this year. Maybe it's because this year, I didn't go to the movies as much as other years, so I didn't see as many nominated films as I could have. Maybe I'm getting jaded and annoyed with what seems like a fundamentally unfair process. Regardless, on Sunday night, I was more worried about how my husband's birthday cake would turn out than about what Kate Winslet would be wearing. (Although, really, do I ever need to worry about what she wears to these things? No. She is always beautifully turned out in some smashing gown that makes the most of her figure. Well done, Kate! Such a load off my mind. Also, the cake turned out really well. It was a coconut cake, and darn tasty. Photos at Flickr.)

That being said, I was actually a little sad to have to drag myself off to bed at 9:20, because this was by far the best Oscars in years, thanks in large part to the genius of gracious, witty, warm host Ellen DeGeneres. I really hope this was just the first of many hosting gigs for her, because she was wonderful.

If you missed the telecast, or just haven't gotten around to watching your taped or TiVo-ed version, you can check out a highlight reel, along with Ellen's video diaries at the Oscar website. The site is full of content, including a complete list of winners, a red carpet gallery, and loads of information about the ceremony's history. Cool! You should also get over to YouTube, stat, to see the hilarious video of Will Ferrell, Jack Black, and John C. Reilly singing about how comedic actors can't get arrested at the Oscars.

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