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Mmmm, iPhone

By now, I'm sure most of you have at least heard the news that Apple has unveiled its long-awaited iPhone yesterday at the Macworld Conference in San Francisco. This article from THE Journal does a nice job of explaining the phone's many features and the ways it's unique from other smartphones. In addition to a larger screen, iTunes, the ability to run Mac OS X, and Google features like Google Maps, the phone has a built-in sensor "for dimming the display and disabling input when the phone is placed to the user's ear", which saves battery power. All very cool, and of course, it looks scrumptious. I think the iPhone, which will be available only through Cingular starting in June, won't cause current Blackberry, Treo, and Sidekick users to defect immediately, though if it is as good a product as the iPod, it'll could well tempt those of us who've never had a smartphone to test the waters.

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  • At 5:52 PM, Blogger Peter Bromberg said…

    May I also commend to your attention
    David Pogue's post about the iPhone that appeared in today's NYTimes. Lucky Dave got to play with the new phone for an hour and had this to say:

    "...the name iPhone may be doing Apple a disservice. This machine is so packed with possibilities that the cellphone may actually be the least interesting part...  The real magic...awaits when you browse the Web. You get to see the entire Web page on the iPhone’s screen, although with tiny type. To enlarge it, you can double-tap any spot; then you drag your finger to scroll in any direction. Alternatively, you can use a brand-new feature that Apple calls multi-touch: you slide your thumb and forefinger together (like pinching) or apart on the glass. As you do so, the Web page before you grows or shrinks in real time, as though it’s printed on a sheet of latex. It works with photos, too, and it’s wicked cool."

    Wow! It sounds like Apple has done it again, meshing super-cool design with envelope-pushing functionality!


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