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Pop Culture Round-Up

Taking a page from Steven Cohen's book, I think I'm going to use this style of posting more often. This is a period of change in my life -- I came back to work full-time two weeks ago, and am still finding my way towards a sustainable balance between home & work, and Liz & I are working on a big, er, project together -- and while I certainly don't want to ignore Pop, I can't post as often as I'd like, either. So, I'm embracing the round-ups. Please join me.

Nielsen is starting to factor into its ratings formula the effect of time-shifted watching of shows recorded to TiVo and other Digital Video Recording (DVR) devices. Unsurprisingly, this yields quite the boost in ratings for many shows, especially non-watercooler shows like CSI, House, and The Office.

CNN (among other outlets) reports the closure of CBGB, ground zero for live performances on the New York punk scene of the 1970s and early 1980s. Of course, CNN wrongly (and very annoyingly) refers to the landmark club as CBGB's. Gah. Apparently, owner Hilly Kristal is off to reopen the club in Vegas, taking the original building with him. Which, in strange way, is pretty punk rock. If you are at all interested in the history of punk, hie thee to the local library to check out Please Kill Me and We Got The Neutron Bomb, excellent oral histories of the New York and LA punk scenes, respectively. If nothing else, you'll learn that the East Coast/West Coast rivalry didn't start with Biggie & Tupac.

Jill Stover offers some excellent, time-saving marketing tips at Library Marketing: Thinking Outside The Book. My favorite:

Set realistic expectations: We don't want to promise too much or too little to
our patrons when it comes to how much time something will take.

Finally, newlywed Librarian in Black Sarah Houghton-Jan (congratulations, Sarah!) rounds up the best in resources about online safety for youth. This is a must-use resource for those of us planning workshops demystifying MySpace for our communities.


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