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Battlestar Galactica Prequel Comics Forthcoming

Please pardon a moment of squee, for I cannot help myself. ICv2 reports that Dynamite Entertainment will publish a four-issue graphic novel miniseries called Cylon Wars, which "will examine how the sentient robots acquired weapons and turned against their human masters, how the humans fought them to a draw, and what happened during the 40-year truce that followed the first Cylon war."

If you don't watch Battlestar Galactica, you really should. Yes, really. Yes, even if you don't consider yourself a scifi person. Yes, even if, like me, you think "frak" is the silliest faux-expletive ever.* If, like me, you are languishing in a world without cable (which is a post unto itself) and cannot watch the third season currently being aired on the SciFi Network, you can still watch the miniseries, which introduced the re-imagined BSG, and seasons one and two on DVD. I defy anyone interested in artificial intelligence, evolution, ethics, slavery, rebellion, human behavior during wartime, and the meaning of what it is to be human in the first place to read EW's All About Battlestar Galactica and not seek this show out. For those more visually oriented and unafraid of seeing spoilers galore, you can also download BSG: The Story So Far for free from the iTunes store.

*Full disclosure: I ribbed my husband six ways to Sunday over his devoted BSG viewing for nearly two years before I was converted. I admit, initially I found the whole enterprise (no scifi pun intended) to be silly and self-important, and the word "frak" (the show's substitute for a saltier expletive) played a big part of that. I got over it, and I'm really glad I did. We are currently watching the second half of Season Two (aka Season 2.5) on DVD, courtesy of a very generous DVD-sharing colleague.


  • At 5:58 PM, Blogger Liz B said…

    Ah, if only I hadn't thrown them out. I owned the original BG comics (with the original Serena dying of poisoning not shot by a cylon story line) along with almost all the original tie in books.


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