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What Does "Indie" Mean, Anyway?

Great introductory article on the evolution of the label "indie", which used to refer exclusively to DIY (do it yourself) music, movies, and zines, but now refers to a slew of entertainment products, including movies and music made outside the major studio & label systems (but on smaller labels), a generally idealistic ethos of making art for art's sake, and a certain navel-gazing attitude towards one's artistic endeavors. Note that I am not entirely against said worldview -- it makes for some lovely, jewel-like songs, movies, and books. The article outlines a bit of how the Internet has changed what it is to be indie, and how indie things can also be wildly popular things (hint: the Long Tail plays a role in that phenomenon).

See also: emo and punk, two labels whose meanings have changed dramatically over the years.


  • At 2:36 PM, Blogger joshua m. neff said…

    There's also the use of the word in the world of tabletop role-playing games (for example: a website called the Forge). And the use of the word can provoke some pretty heated arguments on RPG forums (which is maybe not so surprising, but is, in my opinion, kind of odd).


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