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Tupac Shakur, 10 Years Later

Rapper Tupac Shakur, whose murder has never been solved, died 10 years ago today. To many fans, Shakur is the hip-hop equivalent of John Lennon or Kurt Cobain (though some might argue he shares that role with The Notorious B.I.G., who followed him in death several months later), a brilliant lyricist and lightning rod for controversy who died too young.

Amazingly prolific, Tupac continues to be a successful recording artist a decade after his death. His mother and executor of his estate, Afeni Shakur, has overseen the release of 5 albums since Tupac's death. Recent years have also seen the release of several documentaries about Tupac's life and death, including Biggie & Tupac and Tupac: Resurrection, which is narrated by Tupac himself.

Tupac was also a poet, and the posthumously published The Rose That Grew From Concrete (MTV Books, 1999) is a very popular title, particularly among teens.

Consider including Tupac Shakur in displays of artists who died young, of urban or street lit, or of notable African Americans. Consider, too, purchasing some of the music of this seminal, if controversial, artist.

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