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Harry And The Potters

As you know, on Saturday I saw Harry and the Potters. My pictures are at my Flickr account.

If you have a chance to see them, go. Their tour dates are at their myspace page. If you have a chance to get them at your library, do it. Also on tour with them is Jason Anderson.

As you all know, I am so not the music girl so confess to not knowing who Jason was prior to the show. But, it's all about the customers, and people who know & like music follow their band and musicians. It's one of the great things about the Internet and myspace. My point: the reason we had a library full of fans to see Jason and HATP is not great advertising and promotion by the library; but rather, a fanbase for these performers, with local kids knowing about them because of the Internet; and coming to see them because of the Internet.

Jason did a great opening performance; HATP put on a tremendous show.

From the pure business end, they were a dream to work with -- on time, knew their stuff, gave an awesome performance, and, what impressed me most, were tremendous with their fans. They had CDs and T-shirts for sale (and yes, I'm so regretting that I only bought their first CD) and signed them, but also signed things fans brought, like well-read copies of the HP books.

The two brothers who are Harry and the Potters, Paul & Joe DeGeorge, are very cool. As you can read in this MTV interview, not only are they about books and music; they are also about school and education. Paul is going to be getting his PhD in chemical engineering. And the reason I find that cool is that sciences are usually not seen as cool; pop culture and coolness are usually all about the "creative" arts, music, books, entertainment. And HATP clearly fall within that pop culture arena, mixing books and music. But to add to that -- to have part of that -- include school, studying, and having an interest in the sciences? Is awesome.

The final great point? Monday I was at a career day at a local high school (more on that later). And one of the students recognized me from the HATP concert at the library, and we had a great conversation about them, the library, and books.


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