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Book Expo America (BEA)

I went to my first Book Expo this weekend, along with Book Expo pros Melissa Rabey and Carlie Webber.

I didn't attend any of the programs or events; I didn't attend any of the cool parties. I didn't even attend any uncool parties. I spent two days in the Exhibition Halls.

This was my first Book Expo; and part of the reason I went is because Melissa and Carlie have been raving about how wonderful it is, plus Melissa made going easy by not only letting Carlie and I stay at her house, but also doing the driving into DC.

Book Expo was amazing because it is all about books. Tons of publishers, of all shapes and formats and sizes. It was great to see what new books were coming out and what books were being highlighted. If part of the reason you are a librarian is because you like books, you would love Book Expo.

There were also many authors, which was great fun. Meeting authors is always cool.

The giveaways were great! Who doesn't like free stuff, especially when the free stuff includes ARCs of books, fun stuff connected to the books such as magnets and tote bags and T shirts, and even free books? Because at Book Expo, when an author is autographing books, the books are free.

Will I be able to read all the ARCs and books I got? I doubt it. (I picked up almost 70 books; but admittedly, some of them are getting passed along to family and friends.)

Whether or not I read them, I am now more aware of those books than I would have been otherwise, whether it's because I picked up the ARC, saw the book displayed at the publisher's booth or chatted briefly with the author. Which means, I'll be more aware of it when it comes time to purchase books or do a display; the title will be familiar when I'm engaged in readers advisory or planning booktalks.

I already am looking forward to going again next year.

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