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Everything Old Is New Again

The other day, I got to thinking about the uproar about movie remakes. How often have you heard someone complain that movies nowadays are all remakes or TV shows turned into movies? Now, I don't care for most of the TV show remakes, myself. But remakes of older movies are a different thing, in my humble opinion.

I came across this article, and it provides a good look at the different kinds of remakes--whether to pay tribute, to correct problems, or to raid and pillage the original. So, for example, imagine how the various versions of King Kong, from 1933, 1976, and 2005 reflect the time when they were made. I mean, wouldn't it be interesting to have a women's study class watch these three versions, and see if our perspectives on women have changed with time? And you could only come to the library to get all three versions of the films, more likely than not.

Libraries know that we can attract patrons, especially teens and other hard-to-reach groups, with movies. But at the same time, librarians face questions about whether we should have current AV materials at all, or if libraries should charge a fee for borrowing DVDs.

Like the Chinese curse says, may you live in interesting times. For librarians, we've been cursed with working in interesting times. And DVDs in the library are just one aspect of our interesting work lives.


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