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New York Comic Con

Melissa R. and I went to the New York Comic-Con on Saturday.

We were lucky; we had bought our tickets ahead of time over the computer and we got to the convention center well before 11. Once there, we quickly found out that "con" stood for confusion. We went looking for the Express Badge counter, and were told to get on the line.... the very, very long line.... the only line. The line for people who were waiting to buy tickets. No separate line for those who bought ahead of time. But then we stumbled upon a staff member with a scanner who scanned the tickets and gave us our bracelets so we could go in; but, we literally just happened across her and other people likewise gathered around her. So disorganized; Melissa and I kept comparing it to ALA, and ALA is so much better organized.

Then there was the separate line to get into the Exhibit Hall; again, we were lucky because we didn't really have to "wait", the line was moving, and we were in shortly after 11. But it wasn't an easy line to find, and it had artificial twists and turns that made me think I was in some kind of science fiction story.

This was my first Comic Con, and I enjoyed looking at all the exhibits and booths and just people watching in general. We met up with a friend who was smart enough to wear a T Shirt that let the world know she was a librarian. Translation? The exhibitors were very friendly to her, getting chatty about different things. They had a lot of respect for the librarian! So next time, I'll do likewise and advertise that I'm a librarian.

It was very crowded, both too many people and not enough aisle space. We stayed for a few hours and then went to lunch. Some articles about the crowds: Crowded Out At The Con and Crush catches Comic-Con by surprise. It turns out we were very lucky to even get into the Exhibit Hall.

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