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Katrina & YALSA: Helping Teens & Kids Cope

Courtesy of Beth Yoke, Executive Director of YALSA

YALSA: Dealing with Tragedy & Terror

Coping with Disaster: Tips for Young Adults

NAEP: Disaster, Helping Children Cope

AAP Offers Advice on Communicating with Children about Disasters

Children, Stress and Natural Disasters (resources for educators)

David Baldwin’s Trauma Information: Disaster Handouts and Links

Disaster Recovery: Children’s Needs

Helping Children After a Disaster

Helping Children Handle Disaster Related Anxiety

NIMH: Helping Children Cope with Violence and Disasters

PrepareRespondRecover.com: Children’s Needs

NASP: Coping in Unsettling Times

Natural Disasters: Relief Efforts, eThemes (resources for educators)


Additional YALSA Resources for Dealing with Tragedy and Terror


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