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An Interview with Jennifer Blanc

And now for something a little bit different. An interview with Jennifer Blanc.

Jennifer is a working actress, whose credits range from Broadway to film to television shows. Her "Pop Culture" credentials include a recurring role on Party of Five as Kate (Bailey's girlfriend); Kendra the roommate in Dark Angel; Zanne, the "All About Eve" friend in Friends 'til the End. Most recently, she was in CSI, playing Jacinda in the Episode Iced.

Jennifer took some time to speak with me about some of the work she has done, pop culture, and libraries.

What are you most proud of?

Friends 'til the End. The experience of working on the movie was great, plus I am really proud of the finished product: It was a good job and a fun time.

What other favorites do you have?

Party of Five, because of the relationships. Most of the episodes I was in were written by Susannah Grant, who was terrific. She is just an amazing writer. I have a lot of respect for writers.

How do you feel about being part of "pop culture"?

I didn't know I was! It's exciting to think about.

What do you consider your pop culture area of expertise?

TV. My favorites right now are Court TV and Law & Order. I like real court shows and legal dramas, like Without a Trace and CSI. I was so excited to be on CSI; it was a great experience to be on that show. The people were wonderful.

How have your experiences been, working for TV and film?

When I've been warned about something, it ends up being the most terrific working experience; and when I least expect it, I've had problems. But overall, I've been lucky. I've had great experiences. Like James Cameron, who did Dark Angel. It was amazing to be involved in that project, and to work with him in any way.

What things do you like to see in libraries?

I like when there is the same selection as a bookstore. People can't buy all the books they like to read, and I like to go into the library and find what I want. I like a variety, when there is everything from InStyle to movies to books on tape. Every person can be satisfied. I like true crime books and I like when there is broad selection, not just one or two of the popular authors.


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