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Lords of Dogtown & Skating In General

So, there's been lots of buzz about Lords of Dogtown, which tells the stories of Jay Adams, Stacy Peralta, and Tony Alva, three of the Z-Boys who, in the early 1980s, basically invented skateboarding as we know it today. Without these guys, we'd live in a world with no X-Games, no Tony Hawk, no Tony Hawk's Underground or Underground 2, and no Viva La Bam (I know there are those who would argue that a lack of Bam would be a good thing, but I have a soft spot for Bam. Probably because I've only witnessed his brand of hijinks from the safe remove of my TV.) I've seen the preview for this movie four or five times -- in theaters, on TV, and online -- and every time I see it I think the same thing: This movie is going to be huge.

Not box office huge, but sleeper huge. Huge with the audience that needs & wants to see it -- the audience that has probably seen and loved and dissected every frame of the truly excellent documentary Dogtown & Z-Boys, which basically tells the same story. And it provides a perfect opportunity to do a little outreach to an underserved audience: skater kids & the people who love them.

Now, maybe you don't want to install a half-pipe in your library's parking lot, but chances are you see these kids, mostly boys, practicing tricks, taking bone-crunching falls, and executing seemingly impossible maneuvers in mall parking lots, parks, and anywhere with stair railings.

Now, the movie comes out on June 3. Don't you think a nice incentive for your Teen Summer Reading Program would be free passes to the film for the first 6 kids who sign up? Wouldn't it be smart to put together a prominent display of skating related materials that you may have in the library next week? Wouldn't it be fun to ask a local skateshop owner to come host a program on All Things Skating, as Theresa Wordelmann did for Old Bridge (NJ) Public Library's Skate-a-Palooza on May 14th? I think it would be pretty darn nice, and smart, and fun.

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  • At 3:37 PM, Blogger Sophie Brookover said…

    Addendum: I was down the shore this weekend, and over the course of 36 hours, saw no fewer than three groups of 5-8 skaters. These kids were all in the 11-14 year-old range. The new generation of Z-Boys (and a few Z-Girls!) is here, folks!


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